Special guest

Profession: Still trying to figure it out

Likes: memes, airports, Chipotle, Chipotle in airports, airports in Chipotle

Dislikes: eating meat and feeling a crunch, bad memes, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, cats

Greatest Life Accomplishment: In Austria, did a front flip off of a ten-foot diving board and rose to the surface to hear the other US students chanting U-S-A at the Austrian kids

Favorite Cheesy Church Song: Morning Has Broken - Eleanor Farjeon

What is the best secular song that could be interpreted as a worship song: Stupid Deep - Jon Bellion

From which Saint would you most like to hear a talk: Saint Augustine

Team Cap or Team Ironman: If you don't like the shield, get out of my field...of vision

Cody has been a guest on 26 episodes.